Punto (Mk1) Punto 60 SX

After forgetting about this forum for a wee while due to on and off Fiat ownership (Bangernomics being my favoured mode of vehicle ownership these days so it's a case of whatever comes up), finally got a Fiat back in the family and it's a 25 year old Mk1 SX. Owned by a good friend, then sold and ended up with another good friend, we've taken it on and my wife uses it as her daily driver. This one is a keeper. The body isn't perfect but it's pretty solid and drives beautifully.
Had for over a year now. Located a set of Mk1 Sporting alloys which set it off nicely. Went through its MoT at the end of October needing some brake pipes and that was about it.

Had new rear shoes and cylinders before Christmas, new brake discs and pads earlier in the year, plus a thorough service (including a sump - well, it's basically a service item) in the summer. Needs a new exhaust flexi, but is used and abused on a daily basis.

Took it to the Festival of the Unexceptional last year, planning on doing the same this year.

Absolutely love this little car, getting it reminded how bloody good Fiat were at this small car game.



PXL_20221204_131541892 (1).jpg
Purpleish but a different purpleish to mine! So many choices!
Don't remember it being purple...

I think that's the joys of a 2004 vintage Sony Ericsson camera phone..they were terrible at red.

It was Reddy orange and blue thread stitched together in a really small pattern of squares...it looks quite dull on this but it was certainly distinctive in person.

Anywho sorry to derail ops thread 🤣