Technical Punto 55SX 8v or 16v

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Technical Punto 55SX 8v or 16v


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Jun 28, 2005
Have a P reg that squeals like a pig, pretty sure its cambelt tensioner, been like it for some weeks now and guess what, its not getting any better.

So trot to motor factors get new belt and tensioner, open haynes - if I have an 8v real doddle, but 16v ughhh.

Is the 55sx with engine type 176B2.000 8 or 16 valve? I ve looked in the oil filler hole, in the car handbook but that was no help.

If 16v is all that special tool stuff really necessary or can one get away with registering the position of pulleys/toothed wheels with tippex v carefully??

8v,its the 1108cc SPI 8v 55bhp engine

checked the alternator and belt?
you can replace the tensioner without moving the cam belt there is still a chance you can cock it up, but it won't do any damage, even if you crankshaft is running the opposite cycle to your cams (that was me, got smoke and flames from throttle body and massive backfiring, scary and funny).
Thanks for your help, changed alternator belt first (used to have a golf where that was prob). will go ahead and change it now I know that its an easy one thanks also for the thread pointer.

Best wishes to all.