Technical Punto 1.2 - Faulty EPS

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Technical Punto 1.2 - Faulty EPS


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Sep 15, 2022
Hello all,

Recently, a friend's Punto completely lost power steering and the red steering light came on on the dash.

After inspecting fuses and measuring voltage to the PS ECU we concluded everything was ok on that end.

Diagnostic time, PS ECU had threw 2 codes.
C1007 & C1016, which, on the machine used, both were related to the PS motor.

Having this information, we decided to take out the PS motor and verified that one of the relays was loose. (Obs: motor is a REV079)
Sent the motor for repair and as it came back we mounted it back to no avail as PS still did not work.

After reconnecting the diagnostic machine and deleting all fault codes, one of the codes kept coming back. (C1007)
I then decided to check actual values and verified that steering torque sensor was not reading any values.

Checking the forum, I learned that there are two different sensors, one with a blue cable another with a yellow.
The car in question has a blue cable sensor equipped.
I sourced, from a local scrapyard, a steering column with a yellow cable sensor.
Will there be any compatibility problems ECU and motor wise or can I change these parts from the original to the scrapyard one without any problem?

Thanks in advance for any type of help.
Hi and welcome :)

The punto 188 was a good car.. but body corrosion means that they are now an unusual car in the UK

HOWEVER.. there is a LOT of information on here from @15 years ago :cool:

A starting point:
Hi and welcome :)

Hey @varesecrazy, thanks. 😎

HOWEVER.. there is a LOT of information on here from @15 years ago :cool:

A starting point:

I already went through that post and links in it, but thanks again. 😃