Technical Punto 1.2 8v 2010 timing belt

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Technical Punto 1.2 8v 2010 timing belt

I must be missing something

If you lined up the cam pulley the same as before the crank pulley would be the same as before

Not the source of your power loss in my opinion
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I did before and after photos in post above.

It is hard to line up exactly these pulleys, on before and after pictures, because strange angles, and lack of space and visibility, lack of experience.
But on picture above (before and after status), I did some after analyses and I concluded, that upper pulley "before" was slightly rotated upward by length of one tooth (aproximatly), compared to "after" picture on right half. As result of that tilt, lower pulley is slightly rotated by length of tooth in same direction, as expected.

All of that, along with my comparation of old and new belt (they are the same), bring me to the conclusion, that everything is setup exactly as previously with factory belt.
Yes it has rubber patch near clutch, but its hard for me to see that, it is not easily accessible angle of view.