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Mar 22, 2005
East Yorkshire
After seeing a gorgeous red Panda on the way back from a lecture today, I decided to go back to take photos and leave a message to see if the owner will join and say hi. :)

As soon as I was at the main road, though, the little green/turquoise one appeared, which was a surprise. This is definitely a local one, I've seen it at my university a couple of times, I'm not so sure about the red one though.

As mentioned in the Panda Mileage thread, the red one is in absolutely stunning condition.


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It's a stunner. I really hope the owner signs up.

There's another red one knocking around these parts but it doesn't seem to be in as good condition as most. It looks like it's used daily though, so maybe it just gets a battering. :D

The only other Panda I remember seeing was an M plater, also very clean and shiny driven by what looked like a young fella. Never seen it since.
Agree, that red one is very nice :)

And you are right Sam that green one is definitely local, if only that it has a Staffordshire registration...

I see you took the photo of the green one from near the Roebuck, I spent 2 years at Staffs Uni myself about 10 years ago. Had my first Panda 750 with me there as well, so used to go everywhere in it. I remember it wasn't out of place as there were a lot of Pandas on Leek Road Campus. I expect there were more then than there are now.


Amazing, Vin! Out of interest, what did you study and were you in halls of residence?

The most popular cars here now are the usual Corsas and Saxos. The most interesting car must be the white Trabant, and I've seen some nice Minis knocking about, too. But yeah, I can count all the Pandas I've seen on one hand.
I m the Red Panda owner!!!!!

I actually joined the forum a little while ago, but Ive not been on much lately due to work commitments etc.

I was really pleased when I got back to my car at the station and found the note, and thank you FuzzyPanda for leaving it - it really made my day!

Most of the people I know think I'm slightly strange for driving around in 'Peter Panda' (my 9 year old son gave it that name!) but I love it and drive it everywhere!

I bought it from e-bay and I think I was very lucky, but its the best money Ive ever spent, and tremendous fun.

I'll definatley have to spend more time on the forum.

Thanks again FuzzyPanda - its good to know there are other supporters out there, and maybe I'll see yours one day!

I'll give you a beep if I ever see you on my travels! My Panda's blue with a Gran Turismo 4 sticker in the back window, but at the moment isn't as shiny as yours. I'm glad to have made your day! See you around. :D
sammiboo said:
You lot should get some forum flyers :) I stick the ones i bought on cars all the time :)

Yeah I contemplated that but didn't want the Panda to get away! I'll print some off and hunt down that green one and get her to join too.

Maybe I should set up a Stoke Panda Society? ;) Three members, should be pretty easy to manage.
Hi Ian welcome, nice to see you on board. Peter Panda looks immaculate (y) which is nice to see as they are few and far between, but most of the nice one's are owned by the members here so if you ever need help to keep it in perfect nick ask away, someone normally knows the answer.