Technical [Project] Converting a 16v into a 16vT

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Technical [Project] Converting a 16v into a 16vT


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Feb 24, 2010
Greetings gentlemen,
I'm converting my Tipo 2.0 16v engine into a 16vT using stock parts. Already have the ECU and the manifold for that. Now i'd like to know the specifications of the stock turbine and stock pressure used. My plan is to begin with an upgrade but I have to know the starting point.

Any comments or advices are welcome!

thanks in advance....
Hi folks, yesterday arrived the ECU from the coupe turbo, i heard there's a code that must be entered, does anyone knows which one is it? thanks a lot!
Good news, got the support of KJ16v here in the forum who will burn me a chip without the immo function. So project continues....
- ECU ok
- manifold shipped from Italy

The turbo will be a .50/.63 with standart pressure 0.8bar. Not a big nor little turbine and hope will enter at 3k or 3.5k RPM approx.

Could somebody move my topic to the Tipo forum please?

tks all