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General Fiat coupe help


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Jan 24, 2023
Hi I’m new to this so don’t know if I’m posting in the right section 🤦‍♂️, I have a fiat coupe 20v turbo, don’t know much about them bought it as always wanted one, it was starting absolutely perfect the time Iv had it but left it out in the cold weather for a few months!, tried to start it the car turns over strong but don’t seem to kick up, I have fuel but don’t seem to start, any thoughts on what I could try? Thanks
No I don’t think so, there is a turbo timer connected didn’t take much notice of dash lights as didn’t have any issues before, never herd of 10 seconds at MAR? any information on this is very much appreciated mate
Like owning a Diesel.. you turn the key to 1st stage 'MAR' on a FIAT key barrel..

And wait.. for Glowplugs..or electronics to settle.. including the Immob. to READ the KeyChip

Long time since I had dealings with cars of that era

Diesel coupe was something a bit unusual ..!!
Ok thanks very much for the info, I kinda have a thought it maybe the crank or cam sensor, so I’ll have a look tomorrow and get back to you