Technical problems..!

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Technical problems..!


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Feb 11, 2005
ok so i may just be a little bit picky here but ive got a couple of problems with my beloved sei' and as im not technically minded at all i wonder if any of you can be of assistance, anyway the problems are...
:confused: everytime i wash my car (bucket n sponge lark) the sun roof leaks, this doesnt happen when i go through a car wash or use a jet wash so im stumped as to whats wrong
:( while washing my car i noticed quite alot of brake dust on the n/s rear alloy (i dont handbrake turn, seicentos dont have handbrakes just a lever for that "artistic" look)
:eek: the car "judders" while on tick over as though revs are too low (there just below 1000 (guessing about 8-900rpm)

please help as i luv my car to bits (y) :) (y)