Problems with SORN.

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Problems with SORN.

Mar 31, 2005
Newcastle upon Tyne.
I have just found out that my Mercedes isnt SORNed. When the tax ran out on 01/11/2004 i sent off a form to SORN it, and in November 2005 i did this again (SORN lasts 12 months), but i have just found out that my car hasnt been SORNed since 01/11/2004 :eek:. I have now SORNed it via the dvla website but it says i might still be fined for 01/11/2004 to 01/02/2006 :bang: :cry:.
So they are basically saying they didnt just lose 1 sorn declaration but 2. Sorry but i find that a little hard to believe.Didnt you get the letter off them acknowledging your sorn?:confused:
If not you should have been in touch asap. I would strongly advise you get on the phone in the morning and put on your thick as s**t head on and start grovelling more than you think is possible. Not only can they fine you but they can also back tax you.:bang:
Only curious but did you think of taking a photocopy of the SORN declaration? If not start grovelling :(
We had a tipo off the road. SORN'd but didn't realise you had to renew the SORN each year. Phoned them up as we were scrapping it which is when we found out it wasn't SORN'd. A letter explaining the situation and all was fine. Even had a nice girly on the phone explain what to do. If you're straight up with them they're usually fair. Just like the inland revenue. They're the nicest people I've ever had to deal with.