Posting Large Items?

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Posting Large Items?

Sep 26, 2003
Northern Ireland
Has anyone ever had anything large (like a car seat for a Panda) sent by post or courier? What would the best company be to get a seat sent from the Newcastle are to Belfast? Cheers. (y)
Our company use UPS i will find out a rough prices if you want just bare with us:)
i got a quote yesterday for 4 alloy wheels to ireland from UK of £225! thats for anything that weighs around 60kg, dont know how much a seat weighs?
Thats with DHL..
I think the problem is most places you need an account with them to get good prices.. (n)

Do parcels2go do large items? :confused:
Jamie beat me to it as well.

Parcel Dimensions: The maximum allowed length is 1.25 metres (4 ft) and the combined dimensions of the package (length x width x height) must not exceed 4 cubic feet.

If you are unsure about the combined dimensions of your package, you can use the calculator below using inches or centimetres to confirm that your package is less than 4 cubic feet.

Parcel Weight* The maximum weight of any one parcel to travel on the service is 25Kg. (20Kg for high value items)

Important Any items over the size restrictions or above 25KG may be refused at the collection point and will incur surcharges.
She said she would need to know dimensions and weight and all that crap but

08457 877877
01706 827611

Google will provide you with internet addresses (y) :D
and having an account helps as said before, Jen said about sticking it on our accout but i will have to find a un noticable way of doing it.
Dont take me up on that though coz i need to check
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Stuart DemonD said:
Oh sorry, I just ignored your post as usual - thought it was tripe :D

Yeah I might go back to posting ******** rather than help get the same reaction either way... none :cry: