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Oct 25, 2003
As most of you know my beloved coupe died a few months ago.

Now i have a decent engine sitting there, the case of suing the garage that fitted the wheel bearing, which is believed that caused the accident will take at least a year maybe two to get to court. So i cant do anything with the coupe until then anyway.

I have been thinking what i could about the car. I have had a lot of engine work done, and I have been left with these options...

Save up and get a bravo HGT with a crap engine and stick the 20vt in there the front end is wider than the other bravos.

Save up and get a coupe with a knackered engine and swap the engine.

Or stick the engine in my 1.6 bravo ( i dont think this would be possible)

Or do what H wants me to do and do nothing and sell all the bits of the car incl engine.

I know i will change my mind loads of times anyway.

i have asked for a quote on all three transplants anyway from motormech, so will see what he comes back with. But i do like the sound of a 20vt bravo :slayer:
Doubt the 20VT can, I know the 16VT can go into a Punto Mk1, so I would assume a MK2 as that can take a 1.8 HGT lump.

The Brava idea is a goodun, wouldnt it make handling a bit of a pig?

I also like the buy a buggered coop and swap engines, although normally if an engine is screwed, there is likely to be wear and tear elsewhere.

Seems to be quite a list of pro's and cons there.

:confused: :confused: :confused: :confused:
i,ll be honest sammi and say a coop is the sensible option.fitting it to an hgt is fine but i feel you would always be looking at coops anyway so why not cut out the middleman ;)
also i kind of lean with H on this one as its more than likely a coop with a blown engine may not be in the best nick and you would be better waiting to buy a good'un.
you know yourself how much money a 'cheap' coop can cost.perhaps save for the LE to get the kit etc all fitted OE
this is why there is going to be a lot of umming and ahhing.

Punto is def out of the question, its not even going to be considered.

I just got thinking, because i know the engine on the coupe is a good one.

I had my eye on a few coupes, but i wouldnt be able to buy one until my 13k debt is paid off.

Plus if i get this job then i will have other financial commitments.

I am just getting a few ideas together, but i dont have a clue what to do though
aww sammi deffinatly the 20vT Bravo! as much as i like the coop the bravo would be absolutly awsome, and pimp it out with leather interior, its gotta be a red bravo! and no the engine wont go in anything smaller than the HGT as they are all thinner.

EDIT: i'll correct that, it could fit but it would be too much work
Buy a 899 cinq and put it in instead of the back seats :)