General Please Help - Punto 1.9 JTD (w reg)

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General Please Help - Punto 1.9 JTD (w reg)


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Mar 22, 2006
Hi guys, need your help - my punto is dead
when starting from cold it doesn't seem to go above 40mph and the turbo doesnt kick in!!
The turbo starts working once the temp guage has gone up to half way but occasionally sticks at 60 and wont rev (even when my foot is on the floor).

Has anyone else heard of this problem or has any ideas?

Would be grateful for any advice
mine has always done this i just thought it was normal it also is a w reg punto 1.9 JTD.
Hi, cheers for the reply's, have just had it scanned and they've found out that the air flow metre is buggered and needs replacing. Does anyone know of anywhere i can get a replacement without having to remortgage my house to pay for it? They wanted £200 to replace it but im sure there must be somewhere cheaper (tried ebay but no luck).
Thanks for any help you can give
when you get the air flow meter replaced let me know if it solves the problem as im having the same problems and want to know if it works
I had the same problem and mechanic disconnected it. I didnt realise this for months, he told me he replaced it with a 2nd hand one.
but the car is a flying machine with the air meter disconnected. although probably not very good for engine.
I still haven't gotten a replacement, they too pricey,
Am I doing damage without this meter ?
if i can disconnect it without doing any damage then ill do it. can anyone tell me where to find the air flow meter and post a pic as well cheers in advance.