Technical Please help, headlight problems

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Technical Please help, headlight problems


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Oct 24, 2007
I had the passenger side headlight bulb changed on Thursday. Came to use the lights on Monday for the first time and both headlight bulbs were not working.

I had a quick look through the front of the light cluster and neither bulb looked as if it had blown, checked the fuses and both intact. So I took it back to the fiat garage as I wondered if they had forgotten to reconnect something when they changed`the bulb for me. Didn't check the bulbs before I left the garage:eek:

They have now said a resistor has gone which is making my bulbs blow now I don't understand this bit as I thought if a resistor blew it went open circuit therefore super high resistance and therefore no current, so how is it making the bulb blow??

Also I am still waiting (3 days and counting) for this resistor to come in can anyone tell me where abouts this resistor is likely to be so I can go and con check it? I'm really starting to wonder if that really is the cause



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Sep 14, 2004
Sorry, can't help with resistor location but i'd be asking why it's gone after they touched the car, you say that you had the passenger side changed so i assume the drivers side was working fine.
Is the car under warranty, are they paying for this extra work?