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General Pink Panda decals ?


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Aug 28, 2005
Does anyone please have a picture of a Pink Panda, showing the " PINK " decal which appeared on the sides and tailgate of this Ltd Ed ?
Thanks. petel
Hello Pandafan.
Limited Edition " Pink Panda " 1992, some of the last Panda's to arrive in UK with a carb. Though widely seen in Europe, only 250 were made in RHD for the UK market. They were available in 750 and 999 ( FIRE types ) and I beleive they all had a five speed box.

Having a Pink paint job and candy stripe upholstry, they looked very smart when new but with age and if not looked after, they can become very drab in appearance. I am told that there was one " Pink Panda Selecta " though I have not been able to confirm this.

The " Pink " decal is no longer available from FIAT but is good for lazer copy if a decent picture of the original can be obtained. Anyone please?

Rgds petel
Thank you Petal ... I'll have a search around. Do you happen to have even a bad picture of the design ?
Hello Pandafan. Afraid I do not have even a bad picture of the design.

Hello Tony M.
Well spotted Tony but I am afraid that ( as is very common ) the car has lost all three decals and its white pin stripe over the years.

Thanks to you both.
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Have now established that of the 250 original UK Pink's, there are now 79 still registered with DVLA. This does not, of course, mean that all 79 are still on the road. It appears that the white " Pink " decal was indiviual to the UK imports, the European Pinks having decals of a different design and colour, so it is a picture of a UK Pink that I seek.

I know that there is one in the West Midlands which still has its decals, one in Chesterfield which may or may not but there must be others. Any assistance in obtaining a picture showing the decal would be much appreciated.
Thank you, petel
Forget the rest but is the decal correct


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Thank you very much Alan. Looks like someone is taking good care of the car, if perhaps going a little over the top. Appreciate your efforts.
Thanks petel