Technical '96 Panda Trekking 4x4 - No Power

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Technical '96 Panda Trekking 4x4 - No Power


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Oct 19, 2023
Hi Everyone, Thanks in advance for any help or encouragement,

Panda 141 4x4 Fuel injected - No power at all.

It was driving a dream all summer, and then I changed the steering ball joints over a weekend, Happy with the job done I went for a drive, no more knocking when cornering (win!), however, I had no power. Just made it back home.

The feeling as if it is getting no fuel all of a sudden and then just bogs down. Potentially not firing. I have replaced to fuel filter, HT leads, Sparks, Coils, Crankshaft sensor and Lambda sensor. no luck. I'm all out of ideas! This morning it wouldn't start for about 30 minutes, so checked fuel - I am getting about 10bar pressure before the filter and after, is that enough?
Then out of the blue, it started again, but rough running, and as soon as it gets warmer it will conk out. I have checked the sparks and when it doesn't start it looks like there are no sparks, I am hoping this is a good discovery. Maybe an electrical fault, what else tells the sparks to spark?
I am happy to look elsewhere, but at the moment, I am stumped.

Any help in very very appreciated.