General panda inlet manifold?

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General panda inlet manifold?


this is where i stand
Oct 8, 2003
Look closely at this, anyone recognise what engine it is off?


notice the way it differs to this manifold:

guessing it's off a carb'd FIRE engine, but i know nothing about them. anyone help?
christopher watson said:
It looks like the manifold that Alan.D gave me, and that was off a 1000 carb (sisley).

can you post a photo of it?

Alan.D said:
It's also identical to the punto 1.1 manifold I've just removed

no, the second photo is that manifold. this one is different. look at where it splits. its different.

petel said:
Part number ?

thats what i'm trying to find out!!
where the ports divide

also, you can see right through the middle of the first one and not the second.

and with the brake servo connection on the back too
once we have confirmed it's the one you're after then we can sort something out... i would let Alan decide on a price but his is normally free with free postage... and to be frank i am not allergic to cash... as we all have other progects in the wings me thinks.
Oh, how I wish that I hadn't been out all evening enjoying myself and missed this thread. Damn !
bielstein sell a tuning package for the Cinq, and that photo is of the manifold they use. Rob said it looked like a std FIAT part, so thought the best people to ask would be in the panda section (y)

edit: guessing that manifold would be found on an Uno too?
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