Technical Panda 169 Abs fault speed sensor

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Technical Panda 169 Abs fault speed sensor




When they start weeping. They can carry on for ages like this, if left undisturbed. But they normally start leaking properly within a few months of having the new shoes fitted. Covering the new shoes in brake fluid

In my opinion you are better changing the cylinders now
It appears you have the correct shoes.

You need new correct adjusters and replacement spring/s for any broken springs plus at least one wheel cylinder.

Look at the photo of new parts, note the shoe lever position - this is the correct position with the hand brake released . On your car someone has tightened the hand brake cable far to much(probably because of broken adjusters)

That type of adjuster is fiddly to fit without removing the you have already removed a hub assemble adjusters to shoes then fit to car then fit hub.
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Everything became clear with the brake pad. Thank you very much for this. I will return the pads I bought.

Today I went to a parts store with samples in hand. I purchased the adjusting bolt and spring set.
Same as in the image.
Thank you.

I'll finish it this way tomorrow so I can drive the car.
Because I have a sick dog and I have to take him to the vet often.

Does the brake hub have an OEM code? Once I find and purchase the right product, I will disassemble it and replace it again.

The product I found

"Cifam Metelli"brands 77362610

Is there a difference between brake centers with or without ABS?
I purchased a new adjustment mechanism.

I sanded the old pads and installed them. I made the brake settings.
I changed the brake fluid. The brake fluid has probably never been changed before.

I completely replaced the bearing. ABS problem is completely solved. It is working now.

When I disassemble it again soon, I will replace the wheel cyclinders.



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I'd be tempted for a genuine FCA second hand, the odds are good as they rarely fail

Mechanical things I normally fit anything within reason, you can see if fits or going to work or not

Sensors you can chase you tail if the, new one isn't any better than the old, intermittent or fails quickly after fitting normally they work ish

Both GSF and shop4part haven't got a cheap substitution Bosch or FCA
Thanks. What do you mean by FCA second hand. Incidentally it didn't fail, I had to remove the hub assembly to try and remove the broken wheel locator pin studs that were broke before I got the car. The ABS sensor was well stuck in. I tried all sorts of ways to release it but eventually broke off.
FCA = Fiat Chrysler Automobiles original fitment

For sensors, I'd rather pay second hand I know will work than new that may work, in the hands of the online gods

I have a breakers to to me that as long as you take it off yourself the charge £5

GSF and Shop4parts don't sell any cheap versions which probably means the isn't a reliable alternative.

Of cause you know yours was working before it broke, you could just buy a cheap alternative and try it, then if it's works a bonus, if not send it back

Would also help others to know which are good alternatives