Pancake day

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Pancake day

you`ll have to toss till u get it right! :p

I like em to ... but cant make em.... good job i got mummy to do em :eek:
sammiboo said:
Nope CIFF is a house hold cleaner

actually its Cif


and Jif


and this is now Cif

AppleSei said:
Hmm all that sugar and goodness...HYPO!!! HYPO!!! :(

not hypo, hyper!!!, too much sugar is the other way round fella,

might treat myself to a pancake, mmmm, and mayb a little bit of syrup, or mayb maple syrup:D
GhostWKD said:
i had my warm up today, burnt stuff to a non stick pan, not sure how :confused: i decided pancake day for me is cancelled im not safe around the kitchen :eek:

just get some ready made ones!!, god how lazy is that, half the fun of pancake day is burning/getting them stuck to the pan:D
If your a s**t cook, why don't you buy "Aunt Bessie's" ready made pancakes frozen, on offer everywhere, on buy get one free, (BOGOF)

EDIT, just as i posted this I realised someone had beaten me to it.
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GhostWKD said:
but the ready made microwaveable etc ones taste nasty :( :cry:

i might just try find somewhere to gatecrash pancake day at :p

dude if u weren't so far away i'd say come round mine, my brother makes some mean pancakes:D ah well guess I'll just have to eat ur's, oh no bugger get a filling 2moro so won't really be in an eating mood, guess u'll have to pop round, don't worry fella only kidding:D

pancake day is weds for me lol
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