School days..Adolescence.. our Yoof :)

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School days..Adolescence.. our Yoof :)

Beano and Dandy too..
Pretty sure my Dad read them before I got to them :)

Later on read Warlord and then the Smaller 'books' - Commando and similar titles
Often wondered if they were fiction or had some fact in there..? maybe thats just me..
It was the Eagle for me although I always liked Desperate Dan in the Dandy but mum wouldn't let me buy that "rubbish". I also liked those small war books, commando being one. Later i used to read my friend's MAD Magazine - Alfred E Neuman "What - Me Worry"?
By then though I was starting to get seriously into science fiction.
I was all ways into humor & was the funny man of the class, at times this did not go down well with some of my teachers. I was considered a likable rogue though by some "nickum" not sure of the spelling, an old Scots word of Doric. I was not into the war comics/books, anything daft for me. Back then was a different time, I was very innocent & shielded by my parents, especially my mother. My specialty was mimicking people..:D Later on in life in the 70's on nights out, live groups back then, half time I would be up on stage doing my Tommy Cooper, Eddie Waring & others, a few free pints used to come my way, ah! happy days..... Sorry I digress..:)

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Saw something today that reminded me that as a kid I had a 'Peter Powell Stunt Kite'

Never have I piled things into terrafirma so monotonously.. :eek:

Edit.. the DJ of the era made me unsure of the name.. so google helped:
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