Technical Over Heating Marea Weekend 1.8 16v

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Technical Over Heating Marea Weekend 1.8 16v


Just had similar problems with1.9 td.

Are you getting smoke coming from your header tank? and or Smoke from dipstick pipe?

I did have.

DIY Cyl head gasket + Cam belt and other parts, were about £200

Local Garage to do above Approx £400 - £800 depending on who you use.

Fiat to do above £1100 (or so the £800 garage told me).

Mine ended up being a crack in Cyl Head (£1100 incl the above, from the £400 garage).

Hope your luckier than i was, but it's a possibility to look into
Hi All,

Been along time I been away.... but now I'm back!:slayer:

Well just to bring all who are interested up to date.:rolleyes:

The car went to a garage recomended by a friend who works in the industry. Left the car with them and they took the head off and discovered a crack. Got it welded and presure tested. They rebuilt the engine and now there is no over heating problem.

£800 ouch!:cry: :cry:

So now I'm starting legal action against the original garage, who clearly never checked the head (as there was lots of corossion present) and never even replaced the tensioners & water pump when they redid the cam!!:mad:

I do still have some problems with the car, But at least I can drive it now for longer that 20mins, in fact, took it all the way to Devon over half term.

The problems I have now are:-

1: I now have a sticky temp gauge, solved by a quick thump (thanks to other threads!)
2: The car now doesn't start well and runs very sluggish. Has had a full service, all filters changes etc. Any ideas anyone?:worship:
when the 1.8 has poor running its often one of the coils. the 1.8 engine uses a separate coil on top of each spark plug. when one gets too worn the engine still runs but it appears to idle slighty rough and loses power. get one coil from a scrapyard and try replacing it with each of yours to see what difference it makes. hopefully you'll have just one duff coil. a new coil is about £135 from fiat iirc, so dont even bother going there, besides scrapyard coils are well worth the £5 they'll ask for it.