Technical Non-return valve for the rear washer

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Technical Non-return valve for the rear washer


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Oct 5, 2006
Hello all. My rear washer do not work. Where is the non-return valve on the Marea? I know that this has been covered by other posts, so I know it's under the bonnet, behind the fuse box, that you have to pull away the bulkhead lining, and that a white tube runs into it and a black one leaves it. But: I have searched and searched, pulled away as much lining as possible, even lifted off the fusebox to peer underneath. I can see a white tube running along behind the lining, but it then disappears (still behind the lining) behind the steering and brake fluid reservoirs, and that's as far as I can go. No sign of the black tube either under the bonnet. I have already bought the new valve (€3!) so I know what to look for, but no, still can't locate it. Is there anyone out there who has managed to find and replace it, who can tell me explicitly what to do? Not the biggest problem a car can have, I know, but this is becoming a sort of crusade...
The car is a 1997 Marea estate HLX 2.0 petrol (left-hand drive).
Thanks in advance.
It is located under the bonnet padding, close to it's far edge. Follow the rubber pipe - you'll have to pull out the tacks holding the padding in place.

The valve is inside the Y shaped part. Either fix it using some very thin rubber/latex or replace it.
Thanks Tomasso, and sorry for not replying earlier (holiday!). Still cannot find it; all that I can think of is that the valve must have been fitted in the tube line, then this tube was laid into place so that the valve sits behind a part of the bulkhead (where the fusebox is). As I said, the white tube disappears into that space.