NOKIA N95 worth keeping?

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NOKIA N95 worth keeping?


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Sep 15, 2006
just got a nokia n95 and i dont know whether to keep it or sell it on

can anyone who has one tell me if they've had any troubles with it?

cheers max.
they're crap, i'll take it off your hands and dispose of it for you, i wont even charge you.
are they actually crap or is that a jokey "oop i'll have your phone because i want one"!?
its a good phone, mp3 player, mobile web browser and digital camera, its not a good sat nav alternative because the gps can stuggle to get satellite signals.

i want one, but i'd rather have something that could run tomtom6.
Working for Vodafone the N95's only downside is the battery life.

You can update the software alot so that it runs faster and you can download more applications for it.

Recommend you keep it as it's one of the highest spec nokia out at the moment.

Next month will launch the Sony Ericsson K850 5megapixel camera... Depends what you use the phone for!

So yes N95 has it's ups and downs... No point in selling a media device like that tho, wont get much for it in the long run.

So the answer to your question in my oppinion is yes.
okey dokey, i that case i think i shall keep it!

does anyone know if i can hook it upto the gps unit already in my car, it's not bluetooth so it would have to be a solid connection.
ive had one for a few months, and its alright, can be a little laggy when it comes to apps, but thats something i can deal with..
im on my second one though, because on my first the mic broke.
and yeah.. the battery life is utter poo. i started work.. full battery, 3 hours later.. it was totally flat! i have to charge it everynight, because mine cant go two days without being charged! which is a total pain in the arse.

the camera is fookin ace tho!(y)
all the pda style phones ive had needed charged just get used to it.
the camera is fookin ace tho!(y)

it's not that great, really. especially compared to my old one (k800i) the N95 is that slow by the time its farted about loading the camera software, i've missed what i wanted to shoot.
ive decided to give it a shot, especially as the sat nav in my mk2 punto has decided to be a poop and stop recognizing the sat nav disc, and the sat nav is better on the n95. so the n95 is staying! cheers for the feedback people.
Satnav in mine has been fine, it seems that like with anything, there are good ones and bad ones (plus a lot of people forget that you need to leave the phone open for the satnav). And it sends me better ways than TomTom - most importantly, it has now worked out the A1(m) actually exists :D