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Noisy brakes

Apr 30, 2002
I just had new pads fitted to my uno and everytime i brake they make an ear piercing noise, wot has casued this i've run them in like the garage said so there should be no problem by now (should there).
I'm begining to get embarassed so any help is appreciated
Get similar probs on the barchetta from time to time.
Sometimes running the car in reverse and braking cleans the "crud"
Other times bllsting the brakes with a high-pressure hose is needed
Worth trying the simple remedies before digging further
I use sand paper and brake parts cleaner on my pads and rotors when they start making a serious sound like that...

I sand down the pads and rotors pretty good and the blast away the crud with the parts cleaner. Then put plenty of the noise reducing gel on the back of the pads and that should have it...

My wife's Camry is really bad a bout it... V6 and she is HARD on the brakes...

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A layer of copper grease between the backs of the pads and the brake pistons helps in normal cases. You could also try removing the pads and adding a chamfer to the leading edge of the pad material. If you don't fancy the job yourself (it is very easy though) you should just take it back to the garage and ask them to sort it.

The 4 pot fully floating Brembos on the front of the Fiat Coupe 20V Turbo are notorious for squeel - the only long term answer is to fit brake shims to the backs of the pads.

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cheers for that but wots a chamfer, if i go to a garage and ask will they know.

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i got new pads from Kwik Fit, they were crap, squeeked like hell, took the car back and they put Fiat pads in and they work fine, the guy said Fiat's a notorious for squeeky brakes and the fiat pads usually do the trick ( so why the hell don't they just fit them on all Fiats that they get in then?.
You haven't heard my open top 11 tonne bus do it when its slowing down sharply or braking when reversing. You can probably hear it across the other side of the county. lol


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