Styling New Mods.....What You Think?

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Styling New Mods.....What You Think?


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Mar 1, 2007
Here it is people, alloy spokes painted, calipers yellow and strips all painted aswel.


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Nice - except, why yellow for the calipers? Only thing I just don't get :eek:

I'd have gone with black........ but it's not my car :D
looking good.... Dont mind the yellow calipers... different to red or gold... plus you dont see many others with yellow....

bet it looks even better in the flesh....

I personally wouldnt lower... but thats me... keep it at the right ride height

What about tints??
Thats looking very nice (y) , i like it with the yellow callipers, makes them stand out a bit, also like the wheels
I quite like the yellow calipers, for a change...

Definitely needs lowering though (y) and get some 3 door OEM FIAT sun shades in the back as well.
I love the yellow calipers actually, looks really good with the wheels! My advice now is to lower ot 35-40mm and if you are tinting the windows only do light tints, looks way better, too dark will look ****e imo! Lovely car anyway!
Yellow is different, thats why i went with it. Cars come with red as standard, and this aint no standard stilo isit now??? Im not realy into the lowering, dont't realy like slowing down for the speed humps!!! The alloys are gloss finished...i'll put some more pics up soon. And im still ummmin and arrrin about tints, just think that it will make my car to dark and i dont just want the rear windows done, not a fan of that look.
wow... i wasnt looking close up... didt realise you still have the silver rim.... I thought it was the reflection of the garage lighting ...:bang: :bang:

How did you get a clean finish... masking tape and do it yourself???
or powder coated??

very brave.. and looks good...
I would have to echo most of the opinions already mentioned, i like the yellow callipers and the wheels are very original.

Lowering is the way to go especially if you're on standard springs, i take it yo have read the sticky threads about spring failures!!
And im still ummmin and arrrin about tints, just think that it will make my car to dark and i dont just want the rear windows done, not a fan of that look.
Can't understand why you don't just do what a lot of us have done :confused:

Buy a proper Fiat Blind set as Stu suggested. A lot cheaper and far more practical too (my rears will be coming out very soon :spin: )
yeah it was masking tape that did it, but i didnt do it myself though, a very talented guy near where i live did it for me. I have heard about the spring failures and got it checked out and the problem had been sorted brfore i bought my stilo, think from 2006 the problem was fixed. What is this BLIND SET that you speak of????
have you got a pic of the blinds so i can see them on the car???
yeah im not to fond of that to be honest, mite just forget about tints for now
Dont listen to anybody about tints i think that they look much better than the blinds. I would say that your car would benefit endlessly from tints. The only prob that you may have is seeing behind you as they do reduce visibility from the inside slightly. So if you want to see if the police are behind you it does become a bit difficult with 5% tints.
Nice car mate your doing a good job.
Hey mate, Ive fitted my blinds recently, and also front window wind deflectors, both look very good. im gonna give the car a wash 2moro, so i'll take some new pics.