new MD at Fiat UK......

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new MD at Fiat UK......

Aug 4, 2004

first day at work, congratulations mr humberstone, here's hoping to a slew of new and exciting models, including the ones that fiat uk have decided not to bring to these shores in the past, but with luck, a fresh and enlightened view will. if you could see your way clear to doing something about the appalling service we have to put up with, and the dealers that are basically ****, that would be very cool.
All thats missing is a "Contact Mr Humberstone here by Clicking on this link....."

We could make or break his day lol!!
previous MD was "on a mission" to change the perception of the fiat dealer network. they must think he did a good job because he's now responsible for doing that across the globe.

"Mr Salomone returns to company headquarters in Turin, Italy, where he will take over responsibility for Fiat brand Worldwide Dealer Network Development, Fleet and Used Cars operations, reporting directly to Lorenzo Sistino, CEO of the Fiat brand."
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And his P.A. Goalkeepr will pick it up and bin it.:D