Technical New battery. New injector light...

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Technical New battery. New injector light...

Feb 18, 2004
Brigg, North Lincolnshire
There are a lot of threads on injector lights, but I can't seem to find one that matches my situation.

This morning the Marea battery was flat and she wouldn't start.

I took one of the Pandas to get a new battery.

I checked the handbook to see if there was any precautions or procedures needed when changing the battery. Nothing of note, so I swapped them over, fairly straightforward.

She started fine, BUT the red injector light is now permanently on. I've been out for a drive in it and everything seems fine.

Short of hooking it up to diagnostics, any ideas?? All I've done is put a new battery on...
Unplug it for couple hours and try again?
Or maybe bad groundcables from battery to chassis and gearbox as you disturbed them?
Mine were turning green so I replaced them a year back.

Can't think of much that could go wrong with JTD.
Maybe it was accustomed to some parameter over the previous rides and factory values differ too much?
I know that atleast on 1.6 you can relearn the ecu using multiecuscan.