Technical new fuel issues

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Technical new fuel issues


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Feb 28, 2020
Hi All,

Well I thought I'd post the latest marea weirdness.

I continue to have missing and a lumpy tickover (sometimes!), the suspect is an injector but it still goes and I have bigger issues first (like making it stop..)

Anyhow, to the point of this post - I saw an article saying how unleaded fuel is changing shortly and some older cars won't like it - the Marea was on the list.

So, I thought I'd get in the habit of putting super unleaded in - in this case it was half full of standard unleaded when I topped it up.
So 50/50 mix obviously.

It drove off ok, and I stopped about a mile away to do a quick errand.
When I came back it wouldn't start for ages, then it seemed to be running on
one cylinder, then it started to tick over at 3000rpm.

I drove off and it wasn't at all happy, but within a minute or so it sorted itself out and was running well. I presumed the computer was figuring out the fuel change.

BUT... it's just done it again, won't start then 3000rpm tickover, the people in the car park must have thought I was being impatient with them.

And... then it's been fine for several days.

It's only started doing this on super unleaded, but it might be a coincidence?
or some other manifestation of the issues causing missing under acceleration?

Who knows... the list of issues looming for the mot is getting daunting.

The only thing giving this car a chance is my Son's love for it.

I have to collect him from school in it and he actually kisses it every day
whilst the School Moms watch on from their Maclarens/Bentleys/Porsches etc.
Somebody even had last year's Ferrari, how could they show their face in that!?

It's not some posh private school BTW, there just seems to be a lot of posh parents.