New battery for the Punto.

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New battery for the Punto.

Amps are drawn not supplied so as long as voltage is correct the starter motor will draw as many amps as it is capable of, fitting a more powerful battery will allow the battery to sustain the high amps for longer than a lower power/older battery but you can't actually bully your starter motor, more likely it bullies the older battery that isn't capable of supplying the amps.

Well the talk of bullied starters I felt was more a whimsical comment than any real intent.... but there is some truth in it.

A battery may be 12v but when you put the demands of the starter on it, the draw on the current causes the battery’s voltage to drop. The larger the cold cranking ability of the battery the less likely the battery to drop the voltage.

In electric motor terms volts = rpm while current/amps = torque

So you could argue that with a good high powered battery while amps are drawn volts are pushed, and so a strong battery means it can push more volts for the same current draw.
I will watch out for this Brand Jock

at 9.5 years in service I'd better get a 'Spare' organised for my Twinair
The new battery is nearly 2 years into it's life now and seems to be doing well. The car does town running for 95% of it's mileage. His daily journey is from the city outskirts to the city centre and back and, when I was doing it's annual service a couple of weeks ago, he told me the stop start is still working most of the time. Looks like this battery has been a good buy.