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MOT guide

theres always option B...get a local garage to put it through at another i've had have passed so far with this is no word of a lie a rear wheel i quote might fall off due to being held only by two bolts (a garage had destroyed the plate the bolts go into while rethreading) and a radius arm so bad the thing leaned inward at an angle visibly and totally destroyed track rod ends this i only found out by taking it to a different garage to inquire about the shopping trolley on crack handling characteristics...most people would be chuffed with this but i actually like to know whats wrong with my car so i can fix it!
the best way to pass an MOT is to take it to a tester that only does the MOT and will not do any repairs, then they have nothing to gain from failing you, instead it means they waste their own time by having to retest you, so they'll pass you unless there really is something wrong. there is a list of these testers on MSE website.