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Technical MOT Failure advice


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Dec 7, 2021

My Fiat has failed its MOT today. Would you say she can be saved or it’s time to send her off to the grave yard

I am still awaiting on the garage to provide a quote on the work so have no idea yet on what they are estimating for the repairs

I have just had a call from the garage that has quoted £1500 for the repairs to the car

This seems massively excessive for a car that's 19

What are your thoughts on this, I have little to no experience in relation to repairing vehicles

Many Thanks
£1500 seems to indicate that the garage does not want the job and would sooner sell you a newer car. I'm pretty sure it can be done for substantially less elsewhere Tyre & parts probably £200 (high estimate) labour £300 max in a small independent in this part of the world (West Wales)
It's all very common failure stuff isn't it. and so cheap to repair if you're not paying labour that I dare say none of us with "dirty finger nails" would baulk at immediately getting stuck in. The big question is what condition the body shell and maybe stuff like rear axle are in. If you're not able to do the "spannering bit" yourself then a second opinion, especially regarding the bodyshell condition, has to be a must. Is it a big garage or, yikes, a fast fit type operation? If so you need to find a nice wee independent workshop (if you don't know one ask around the neighbours and friends at work)
£1500?! wowwww..
Tire will run you £40-£60 quid,
Suspension arms around £118.39 for both
Rear brakes probably need replacing and that's like £47.44, however, it may just be your brake drums which they usually cost around £30.54
Front are around £3-£9

Let's say worst case scenario for cost of parts, and let's say it's £151. £1349 in labour is mental. Or maybe not, maybe that's a normal figure... 🤷‍♂️

If you're not into the mechanical side or wanting to learn how to do the changes yourself, find a friend who will / can and you could join them? If not, look for another garage and offer to purchase the parts and bring it in for them and see how much they'd just charge for labour.

I've taken the suspension arms out a few times, done the front and rear brakes, it's noting too difficult but you'll find yourself getting agitated quite quickly. (This is my first car i've ever worked on btw) This forum is full of a great amount of posts to help you, I can even link them to you if need be.

What evidence did they have on the fact your car had an oil leak? Does your car leak some oil when the engine is running?

Also 126k is a lot of miles, if you've always serviced it, then you shouldn't worry about it dying any time soon.
2x suspension arms
1x tyre
Rear drum brake rebuild full kits are dirt cheap springs, adjuster, shoes and cylinders

Front brakes are probably okay (the rears effect the front) or just need a good clean

Don’t forget a garage buy parts at trade prices not our retail priced

On a ramp with air tools it’s an hours work. Two hours would be stretching things or if things don’t go well

I don’t get it. What am I missing. Rear disc brake model maybe ?