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MOT expiry

Can't do it online, it's still registered at the old address and I can't get to DVLA office because it opens stupidly short hoursm :( Was hoping to get it taxed so it would be taxed to drive for MOT in a couple of weeks (it's currently off the road and will be up until then) but it'll just have to be untaxed as well :cry:
It's off the road 200 miles away, not really practical going to get it done until I pick it up, which will be a couple of weeks, hence the break in between. I thought there were a few more days on the mot, hence the panic tonight :(
even though its still valid, the post office will be arsey about it and wont let you. do it online instead:)

hardly arsey,this will be in the remit given to them by the DVLA.
not in helzs case as she is beyond reproach but the bulk of people in that situation would be driving without MOT.
the ability to drive without MOT to the test circumvents the need to tax on 1 days MOT
You may need to get an off the road ticket, i think its called sorn, not sure but my brother in law did the same as you plan and he got fined for no car tax even though the car wasnt used, look into it so you dont get a nasty surprise in the post.
You must produce an MOT test certificate that is valid on the day the tax disc comes into force. A certificate that expires on the last day of the month eg 30 April cannot be used if the tax disc is to start on the first day of the following month eg 1 May. Your tax disc will begin on 1st Oct, which is before your MOT expired, so you should be able to get it taxed going purely by the rules.
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Thanks all for your replies :) I decided not to bother after all (well I forgot really because my boss appeard at lunchtime so I never got a proper break), will MOT it down where it's stored and tax it that day also :)

Numan, it's been sorned for a few months, no tax since February (y)