Edinburgh's Pilrig Motors to close

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Edinburgh's Pilrig Motors to close

Oct 1, 2017
Edinburgh Scotland
This is such a momentous happening I just had to give it it's own thread: https://www.edinburghlive.co.uk/news/edinburgh-news/beloved-edinburgh-family-shop-closing-25976969

I would guess that anyone into their cars in the Edinburgh area will know of Pilrig Motors and the Banks family who have run it for as long as I can remember. It's a really wonderful "institution" with Peter, Douglas and Alistair always on hand to help and advise as well as supply all manner of "motor related stuff" - a bit like a mini Halfords but selling a much wider variety of stuff which you just couldn't get elsewhere. A real old style motor store with that unique smell of old engine oil and counter tops which you looked closely at before leaning against them in good clothes. As I have witnessed over the years, a lot of their business was in the nature of "rescuing" local motorists in distress. There was always some poor unfortunate's vehicle at the kerbside having it's battery changed, a set of new number plates screwed into place or windscreen wiper blades renewed. Having been in business for so long their back shop was an absolute treasure trove of obsolete parts - Faither (Father) used to do the local autojumbles. The tramway constructions, which seem to have gone on "forever", meant that no roadside stopping can now take place! They also had a small workshop round the back where more serious tasks were undertaken. Of late, with my motor repairing activities being in decline due to increasing age and "infirmity", I haven't bought much from them but I've always felt welcome when I went in even if it was just for a chat and I will miss them greatly. An Edinburgh (Leith) institution indeed, we'll never see their like again!
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I’ve heard a few tales like this, can’t get staff, can’t get competent staff, can’t get the parts…the internet has done for many and brexit has exacerbated this…even our local ironmongers, the best place for tools, has submitted to the cheap imports to survive and their ‘decent’ stuff has doubled in price