General Missing part of rubber seal above windscreen

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General Missing part of rubber seal above windscreen


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Feb 14, 2021
Hi all,

Is anyone familiar with this problem? The rubber strip above the front windscreen has a portion missing in the corner. Only noticed it a few weeks ago when I was washing the car so I've no idea what's happened to it or how long it's been like this. There's no water leaking into the car but it seems to be causing the roof to rust and the paint is peeling quite badly.

My question is where can I obtain a new seal? ePER says the part number is 46819780 but when I search for this, some (but not all) listings show a completely different seal (see here). The seal on my Punto has a 'T' shaped profile and the width is 17mm. I can only find one 5 door MK2 being broken for parts on eBay and from the pictures it seems that has the same problem, the rubber seal doesn't span the full length of the windscreen. Ideally I just want to purchase a new one but as there's no UK sellers I need to be sure I'm buying the correct part as I won't be able to return it and in the meantime the rust is getting worse. :(

Any help greatly appreciated!


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mine started to rust in that same spot. A new seal is not the answer to that rust. I caught mine when it was just a tiny area. I just totally scraped off the rust and touched it up with the paint colour for my car. Subsequently I have put a wax oil rust preventer in that area and under the seals and kept an eye on it.

On my car I think the rust began under the seal that goes over the door. I think what happened is the windscreen seal stop the water from draining in the grove the door seal fits into. You can pull that seal off over the door and attack the rust and make sure the water can drain forwards.
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Thanks for the reply! I'll have a proper look at it when I get chance but the rust seems to be happening because every time it rains the water that runs off the roof collects in the channel where the seal should be and sits there. On the passenger side where the seal is intact there is no sign of rust at all that's why I'm thinking a new seal should stop the water getting into the channel and making it worse.

Perhaps the only benefit of parking on a busy main road is that I was able to look on Google Street View to see when the seal went missing. It was intact in May 2018 but in July 2019 it was like it is now, though there wasn't any obvious rust visible then. I think it's too late to stop it now but if I can prevent water collecting in the channel it should slow it down hopefully.