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mini moto help......

Aug 12, 2004
right, my mates gone to NZ for a year so before he went i arrange to buy his mini moto off him but unfortunatly, i couldnt pick it up until after he went and i cant rembmer how to start the bugger!!!

its got fuel in, and i can see the pull start and im sure u have to turn the fuel line on by turning the fuel key thing 90deg from horizontal to vertical, but what else?

any ideas?

you're correct you need to turn fuel on, switch is usually at base of tank.

many of them have an ignition switch (red kill switch on handle bar or black turn switch elsewhere).
you may need to adjust the choke on the carb, when you get it idling you may need to adjust the screw in the carb so it ticks over nicely with no revs:D
if it is a push button then no, you only press it to kill the engine, but if it is a slide switch then you need to slide it to the on position.
man, i can build a UT from scratch, but cant start a bloody mini moto lol

Amateur ;)

Have a look on the carb thingy. There might be a small rubber 'bulb' that you need to press before you try and start it. This pumps a small amount of fuel into the carb a bit like an accelerator pump. Also look to see if there is a choke flap near the carb/ air filter assembly if it has one. Sometimes these things have a series of steps you need to take before you start it.

I know what you mean about being a pain to start. Last year it seemed I spent more time working out how to start a petrol leaf blower machine over in Arizona than I did rebuilding the top end of a Chevy V8 that was next to it :eek: :p
my mini moto is easy to start,
mix some fuel
fill it up.
use the choke
and pull the starter cord, after a few pulls it starts then i adjust the choke when its warmed up (y)