Technical Marea Weekend Dash, Indicator, Brake Light Faults

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Technical Marea Weekend Dash, Indicator, Brake Light Faults


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Dec 3, 2004
Hello guys! Please can someone help before i go nuts! Fiat Marea Weekend 1800 ELX. 1999 registered on w- plate.Electrical fault that suddenly appeared without warning or symptoms, while the car was being driven. All the dash/clocks are dead, no display and no dials work. Also the indicators dont work, however the hazards are still working. On top of that the brake lights have stopped working as well. Have checked fuses and all ok. In the wiring diagram it states there is a 'junction box' somewhere that all these circuits go through. What and where is it? Is this the actual fuse box? There is also a bank of fuses above the other fusebox and these arent even listed in the owners handbook (even though they are all intact). Please help!!!!!
The junction box is part of the fuse panel. It sounds like you may have lost an earth somewhere. Otherwise check for a loose connection on the fuse box or damage to the loom.
If you are not an expert it may be worth asking around for an auto electrician as wiring faults can be a pain.