General Marea No instruments work, no indicators, no brake lights?

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General Marea No instruments work, no indicators, no brake lights?


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Jan 24, 2007
Forgive me Guys, if this is an old chestnut,......................I have searched!!!

Engine fires, car runs fine..................NO instruments, milo's or odo's, no fuel etc, Also no indicators, and no brake lights!!.

Checked the fuses, and checked voltage at panel............fuses good, but voltage NO! there a master fuse, or breaker for these circuits??
Car is W 1600 Weekend ie....................80k on the clock, and no problems , has been ultra reliable.
Have disconnected the battery, and joy.

Any clues??

Hi I had the same thing the other day if you take the fuse cover off on the cover all the different things are marked and there is two with service on both 10 amp fuses itl be one of them
There are fuses in lots of places, behind the glove box, in front of the battery and there are some FO rated ones in a box behind the battey just in front of the firewall.
Hi, My sister had the same problem with her Marea. It was a fuse gone in the panel below the steering wheel. Even if it looks ok, check it with a multimeter or replace it with a known good one of the same amp rating.:)
I have checked all the fuses, and have taken the main fuse panel out of the car.
All the connections look good, as all the fuses are perfect...........

Still puzzled?

Hi again,
If you have a multimeter then remove the relevant fuse and with the ignition switched on check you have a 12 volt supply from one fuse contact to a good earth point. If not then it will mean tracing back to where the 12V supply is going missing. I dont have a manual for my sisters Marea so I cant tell you where to look unfortunately. If you have a 12V supply at one end of the fuse contact and the fuse is ok there must be a break in the wiring from the fuse to the relevant dash lights etc.
Thanks for all your input....................

Just to keep you updated on progress, I have spent some time in the footwell and checked most things that could be the likely cause.

Today, I had a chum look at it(he is a car alarm/radio specialist), and he thinks it could be a new instrument cluster/panel.

So I will now check E bay, !!,
I will post the outcome.

instrument panel faults are common on the marea but i've never once heard of them causing any problems with the indicators or brake lights.

if the panel is faulty you should still get the expected signals on the 2 wiring connectors behind the panel. at least do some tests before you assume the instrument panel is to blame. for example with both connectors disconnected the indicators and brake lights would work if the fault was the insturment panel.
Jug, Now you have me I have a new, well from an E bay breaker, instrument panel coming in the morning post!!!!

Reading thru some the helpful threads on the BRAVO/BRAVA forums, 'I'm sure I found one that said indicators and brake lights also failed with the instruments.

On looking at the back of the IP, it has at least 4 chips, and my man tells me that one of these has failed???

I will post up the results of the new IP on Sunday after I'v fitted it.
Fingers crossed.

The new instrument panel is connected up, and THERE IS NO CHANGE!!!! now I really need to find out why I have no brake lights,
No big deal as the new panel was £35 with postage, which I think is reasonable!

I will work on it today, and post up progress!!

Well, the good news is that all is now working as it should!!!!.........

I have replaced the instrument panel with the original one with 80k on the clock, and after a lot more investigation, we discovered that it was a 10 amp fuse!!!!

Now your asking yourselves, a question of two????
Yes, I checked all the fuses, and so had my friendly auto electrician, so did my chum ..................but somehow , new fuse, and all is lighting up..........including the airbag will have to see what happens on Monday when I'm running normally.
The handbook is somehow wrong, and the fuses do not tally with the CD of the workshop manual.
So all you Bravo/Brava/Marea owners check with some more accurate info before you start checking fuses.

I put my hand up and did it ever get so far without the 'experts' noticing the obvious!!!!

The fuse had the smallest of breaks, you had to look so hard..........fatigue! I guess.

I have had my car from 1 year old and the fuses do not line up with what is printed in the manual, however there is a small flyer inserted which accuratley covers the differences. I guess over the years these things get detached, like red keys.
I don't recall having that flyer in the handbook...............however the moulded graphics on the inside of the fuse board cover also does not tally!.

All was fine today, as I drove about for work , with the exception of the airbag warning light staying on.

I'll go thru the search facility to see what the cure is here.