General Marea bites the dust.

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General Marea bites the dust.


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Aug 19, 2004
Bow, London
Unfortunately my marea weekend was written off by an uninsured and unlicenced motorist last week, They pulled directly into the side of me.

Police attended and let the C** drive away from the scene, I am currently trying to press charges through the police with the aid of a solicitor, I was fully comp but the car needs a new N/s passengers door, rear door & rear wing, new N/s front wing and bumper so the insurance wrote it off.

so I will be bidding you all a farewell.

I have put the Grundig MCD6 cd changer in the classified ads but I didn't have time to remove the cable before the salvage yard collected it (last years Xmas present from wife).

Bye bye......
If it was good mechanically I would have bought it back off the insurers. Panels and doors can be got from scrap yards.

Gutted for you anyway - even if you probably won't see this.