Technical marea back spings

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Technical marea back spings


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Jan 16, 2007
hi ya all
im thinking of buying a fiat marea v reg elx model i went to go and have a look at it and noticed the back springs ' the rubber things what go inside the springs were held in with tie wraps !!! and the back wheels were very close to the wheel arch im after a bit of advice is it a test failure guy who is selling it says its not and the air flow meter was not connected when un plugged it ran ok but when plugged in it ran lumpy what is a fair price to have these 2 jobs done thanks in advance steve ps its a saloon 2ltr
Rubber things - you mean the bump stops? If so they can be removed. Are the wheels original Fiat steel/alloy rims? From behind on a flat road (try a car park) do the wheels stand straight? Which bit are they close to?


Air flow (MAF) will cost around £100 for a genuine bosch unit (or get one for a tenner from a scrap yard). Fitting you could do yourself.
hi ya hell cat
thanks for the swift reply im not going to bother with it m8 just for the record the back wheels were nearly touching the back of the wheel arches and they were fiat alloys ive gone a got a marea hlx on a y plate for £800 thanks any way m8