Technical Marea 2.0 20v Timing Belt

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Technical Marea 2.0 20v Timing Belt


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Jan 1, 2006
Hi, new to the forum, seems like a great idea. i've had a 2000 (V) marea for almost two years but bought it with no history at 59k and its now got 75k on the clock. it came as a bit of a shock when i first learned the engine had to come out to change the timing belt etc... (n) also, i've read that there's no way of checking whether it needs changing but:

- is there any way of checking to see if it's been changed?:confused:

i'm about to take the plunge and have been quoted £800 by the fiat dealer in WSM. :(

- does anyone know of anyone in the Bristol area that they would recommend and would do it cheaper? :)
i asked in my local garage expecting them to be cheap as they usually are alright but they refused to do it :(

on a side note, would you take me for a spin please as i really want one and i'm saving as you can see but would be nice to see how it performs? i'm in Patchway next to The Mall
No, I know a former Coupe owner took his Coupes from the Bristol(ish) area to Rog at PowerFiat. Yes it's a long drive, but it's also £400 for a cambelt change, so £400 cheaper.
Check out PowerFiat and MotorMech. In exchange for a bit of driving you could save yourself a packet.