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General marea 100td wont start


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Sep 11, 2007
hi all
have a problem with my marea in the fact that it wont start,the glow plug light isn't working, andv there is no power getting to the glow plugs or the fuel stop,i have checked the fuses,it turns overt ok but doesn't fire at all
the keycode light comes on when the ignition is turnedf on and stays on while cranking

immobiliser is not switching off, try the red key. if red key doesnt work either then you have an immob fault, often something as simple as the immob ecu's fuse connections are rusty or the aerial around the ignition barrel has a loose connector, or the codebox near the interor fusebox has a bad connection.
hi mate thanks for the reply,i have checked the,imobilizer conections on the control box and on the coloum,i have checked all the fuses and the connections in the fuse box beside the battery,i have noticed that the injector light is not illuminating either,think i will have to spend this sunday trying to get me head around it :(
oh no, if the injector light isnt coming on at all and the immob light always remains on it usually means the main ecu is the problem. :(
have had another look today,and there is a 15 amp fuse abovbe the ecu which was blown,i replaced it and as soon as the ignition is turned on the fuse blows,the only time i can turn on the ignition on without the fuse blowing is with the ecu disconnected,so i guess i will have to get an ecu and try that,will i need the imobilizer control box and keys etc off the same vehicle?
regards ericv(n)
you need the ecu, the code box and the red key chip. stick the red key chip into your red key and then you can use the red key to get your existing blue keys programmed into the immob, it is something you can do yourself, it takes 30secs. the key programming procedure is described in many previous posts, if you cant find it let me know and i'll tell you.
thanks for the help,but i bypassed it all tonight by fitting a single wire lucas fuel stop solonoid from a escort 1.8 diesel,and a glow pumpn relay from the same,i only paid £100 for the car which is a 1999 with loads of tax and test,as its a second car which i will only use now and again i took this option as it only cast a tenner to fix,
thanks for all the help though