A little tip for sei owners mainly but could easily be adapted for many fiats.

I've seen it written on here that to get a stereo working in a sei (as well as other fiats) that what everyone does is to join the red and yellow wires together. This means that the ignition feed for the stereo is now a constant feed, this means that the stereo will remain on even if the ignition is off. Not Ideal.

What i did, which is the simples way to do it, is to remove one of the electric window switches, on the back of the switch you will see 4 wires. One is larger that all the others. If you splice a cable onto this wire (which only provides power when the ignition is on...). When i say splice you could either cut and connecting block it together, use the blue clips which you can get from any autofactor or solder and heatshrink the cables together. when you have the cables 'spliced', connect this to the red wire and connect the yellow wire to the loom as normal.

This will mean that the stereo will come on and off with the ignition (as it should). If you car does not have electric windows, you should be able to take a feed from the back of the cigarette lighter also. Infact anything which doesn't work unless the ignition is on.

Doing it this way is a simple fix and will mean that you don't risk running your battery down by leaving the stereo on accidentaly.

The red wire doesn't draw much current at all. I think it's less that 5mA. It's just a signal to the stereo if the ignition is on or not so you won't have to uprate any fuses either.

I've done this to mine and have had no probelms whatsoever. It's easier that playing around taking a switched feed from the fuse box etc.

It's also neater that bodging 2 wires together that weren't intended to be joined together.

Thanks. Hope this helps.