Lessons before im 17?

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Lessons before im 17?


Oct 4, 2005
Bexley, Kent
Morning all,

Speaking to the cab driver last night, and apparently I can have lessons before im 17, as his 'mate' did it and actually passed on his 17th birthday?
I don't know if this is true but if it's a rumour I can't help than get all excited and want to take lessons now :p

If not, is there any way I can make it a certain I can have my driving test on my birthday?

I learnt to drive at a driving centre called Tockwith which is near York.

However I also had 20 hours or so of lessons with an instructor as it is unlikely that you will pass your test without proper guidance!

As far as booking your test is concerned you will be able to check online for the test dates once you have got your theory test passed, however I believe you need to be 17 to take your theory and therefore would not be able to take your practical on your 17th b'day.....
You can apply for your provisional licence from 16 1/2. I wouldn't rush learning to drive by booking a test date. If your instructor is any use he/she will know when you should book the test. Ask them what their pass rate and first time pass rate is. My instructor had 99% pass and something like 89% first time pass rate which was damn good for the area.
I've got my provisional license due to having my ped, which I had an accident and it died :cry:

Just want to drive!!!! Arghhhh 2 n half months till im 17th.. TOO LONG.
ian stilo 1.6 said:
all you had to be able to do was wind the handle wasnt it?

hand crank start a car, and know how much to pay a man to walk 50 yards in front with a red flag.....

i learnt to drive in one of these badboys: