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blessed are the apostates
Nov 28, 2005
did anyone else watch cameron's speach the other day where he introduced a new tory buzz word, "LATs", or Living Apart Togethers, or to those who speak english that is the 2 million people who pretend to live apart to get more benefits.

he said "We must be crazy to be using the benefits system to drive people apart rather than bring them together."

i dont disagree, but when i heard that i thought WTF is wrong with his brain if he thinks LATs are more of an issue than WAT's (just made that up, it means Work Avoiding Tw@ts, i should be in politics :D).

if it was me speaking i would have said "We must be completely frigging crazy to use the benefits system to drive people away from work."

total cost of 2 million lazy people not working must be a lot greater than a couple of million people avoiding marriage related benefit losses.
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Work this one out, our baby is 7 months, if my partner goes back to work part time she is only £20 a week better off than sitting at home because of child care costs. Because she had reasonable income last year, our family tax credit is negligable even though she's out of work this year. Hopefully by next year when she's back in full employment and we're able to pay our way again, we probably will get a far larger handout because the benefit is based on her P60 for the previous financial year.

She wants to work but not if all the money is swallowed up in child care costs.