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Latest ebay scam

Magical Trevor

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Aug 10, 2004
Sorry if re-post, but thought i'd warn people.
I just got an email from a ebay member stating that they had tried to pay me via paypal twice for an item I'd apparently sold them, and it wouldnt let them, it then had a hyper-linked item number that when I clicked on it out of curiostity took me to the sign in page, After closing that window I did a search using the item number, and surprise surprise it dosent exist.
This is by far the best scam i've seen so far from them...and if I had have been selling anything I probably wouldnt have thought twice about signing in using the link from the email
I always use eBay toolbar - highlights scam log-in sites, plus you can report them in a click or two.

When you hoover your mouse over the hyperlink, be sure to check the bottom left in IE, and see the true address before clicking.
mase said:
off topic in 5 posts.... im impressed lads, good work (y)
What can I say - we're pros in the :spam: game :D