Technical Lack of power

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Technical Lack of power

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Garage ? you didn't ask. I have used them for 15 years with this current car (multi of course) and never had any issues. No they obviously couldn't get this issue up on their equipment so they sent it to a DPF specialist. He couldn't get in with his code readers so couldn't perform a regen. Is this a Fiat monopoly so you have to take the car to the dealers ? Wouldn't suprise me. Off topic slightly I recall when they first did an oil light reset the multipla wouldn't come up on the system so they did it using the code for a Sedici. Very strange i thought. It's the same engine though, the 1.9 multijet so it makes sense. I drove 30 miles on the M Way today and the DPF light extinguished but as i said, the ECU light remains on. When you say the DPF Is expensive, at around 220 euros is it probably worth it just to change the damn thing ? Whats this multiscan system forum members are using and how do i access this ? Will this find the issue ?
Okay latest on this saga. Went first thing yesterday to my garage regarding the ECU ɓlight staying lit on the dash. Scanner plugged in, DPF Fault came up but light was turned off. So far it has not come back on and car appears to be running fine. Let's hope that resolves the issue. Will clean the MAF sensor and change necessary filters. An oil change won't do any harm too. Hope this is the end of this problem...we shall see