Technical No power when car is getting warm

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Technical No power when car is getting warm


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Dec 27, 2015
Does anybody know why our 1,6 16 v, M4 petrol 260.000 km from 2003. Multipla does not run very well after the engine gets warm ?

It starts ok and runs fine for 5-10 minutes, before it looses power and has to have a break of 20-30 minutes.

The ECU has been giving an P0170 error code
I have :
changed the air filter
been running some injection cleaner
taken the fuel pump out and seen that it runs ok, and that the regulator is working on the 3,5 bar limit
been running the car without the exhaust oxygen sensor connected ( no difference)

I believe the ECU gets the input that the car is running on to much fuel and then as a consequence makes the mixture to lean.
How can I check on that theory, and what to do ?

The nearest garage suggested to swap the fuel pump for 596 gbp..

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p0170 means that the ECU cannot cope with the formation of the air-fuel mixture. It is a good idea to reset the self-adaptation ECU and if the same error appears again, look for the cause.
Thank you for the response-

Where is the fuel filter ?

I have seen the small filter bag at the bottom of the pump and it looks fine.

I believe a part of the fuel pump works as a filter as well, and this is not possible to replace without changing the whole pump.

How do you reset the self-adaptation ECU ?

I have had it without a connection to the battery for a few hours when I had the fuel pump out,

Hi again
Just a short update. The pump inside the fuel pump aggregate was the problem.
I took the fuel pump aggregate apart and checked that the pressure valve was ok.
The pump was working but, when I put in a new it was a big difference from the start.
The old pump must have been the problem.