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Kicker SolarBaric

Dec 20, 2004
Hi all,
Anyone on here got the new SolarBaric sub, in 10" preferably. How well do they kick in regards so some of the other subs in the same price range?

Since ive now sorted my plans, i can get back to working out a small compact install, but with plenty of kick. I want to build in a 10" sealed sub in a stealth box over the rear wheel arch on one side, and have the amp behind perspex screen on the other side - leaving me some sizeable boot space :)

Budget is around £100 for the sub, and around £150 for a matching amp. The solarbaric sub seems to fit the bill nicely, with 500w RMS with a kenwood amp giving exact the same RMS bridged. Anything else to consider? Dont want anything too bling as it just wont match the rest of the styling, but dont want plain and boring either if you get what i mean :)
Hmm....................not heard the Kicker, so I don't know..................if you want SQ Luke, you could try out the RE sub here I know it seems a bit on the weak side powerwise, but I've read that RE tend to be more conservative with their power ratings than other manufacturers.................

This should kick a bit as well and you could pair it with this

Getting an amp to power a solobaric shouldn't be a problem -

HTH (y)