Technical key coding with plain key.

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Technical key coding with plain key.

Jun 29, 2007
Im sorry to ressurect the old problem it seems for trying to get the plain key to work.

Why cant I diagnose the Multipla BODY COMPUTER ON the Multijet 1.9 jtd .
I have one key with a code for the immobiliser to work and a plain key with no buttons that doesnt.
I can touch key on the barrel to clear with working key , can the plain key be coded , obviously not on Multiescan .
Looking for suggestions please.

Maybe plain key has no chip??
Not sure but I think the plain key is used to turn the airbags off. The switch is located in the driver's side glove box (at least for LHD models) and as far as I know, the key used to start the car doesn't fit.

If you want to get around coding a new key, a trick you can use is to take the receiver out of the ignition barrel (the coil that reads the code from the key) and mount it under the steering column. Take your original key and copy it, maybe even with central locking if that is a separate, aftermarket system.

After you have the copies you need (just metal, no chips), use duct tape to secure your original (and I'm assuming, only working) key underneath the steering column so that the receiver can read it every time the ignition is turned.

The only downside to this is that using this method you bypass the immobilizer=your car will now start even if you use a screwdriver in the ignition barrel or even if you hotwire it, just like the good ol' 80s :))

When the battery from the key is about to go out, the key symbol will flash 5 times in the dashboard but that will take years.

If all you want is to diagnose the body computer, try using Alfa OBD from the Playstore, if your OBD adapter uses bluetooth.
Ok , so if the plain key has a chip and only bought as copy to open close locks and matches the barrel , and the fob key starts the car cant the plain key be. coded at say Timpsons as long as you have the fob key and it starts the car.
The other side to this is, how can I get the fob part started to open /shut doors, please.