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Technical JTD/Multijet clutch


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Sep 14, 2009
The engine is rebuilt and gearbox has new seals including the shifter shaft. I had time yesterday to fit the gearbox before getting entire the lump back into the car. I aligned the driven plate in the usual way and checked the edge of the friction plate against the cover with a vernier depth gauge. It was within 0.5mm. The engine is on a bench at a comfortable working height, but would the **er go on? Not a chance. I tried a little tension by rearranging bolts and twisting the crank but had to give up. The centre looked to be in line but I must have messed up when fitting the pressure plate.

This morning, I've taken the clutch off (six torx screws yadda, yadda). While checking my alignment tool is doing it's job, noticed the splined centre is wobbly. I mean its really wobbly like a dry ball joint or something. So it looks like I got lucky (as if needing a new clutch is lucky) and it explains why the splines failed to line up. At least I didn't fit the thing only to have it fail going down the road.

New clutch ordered from S4P for just over £100 incl Vodka and Tonic and delivery on Monday.
New clutch fitted with (even) greater care to align the friction plate. The clutch and gearbox fitted to the engine in less than 30 minutes. The MJTD clutch middle (hub) is much beefier than whatever had been fitted before I bought the car. I reckon they used a Fiat 500 1.4 clutch. It's physically compatible but not up to diesel torque loads.

With any clutch, if you're struggling to fit the gearbox check EVERYTHING. I have never seen a clutch centre like this one but I'm no professional clutch fitter. Even better. just fit new wearing parts while access is so easy.