JL Audio 10W0v2

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JL Audio 10W0v2


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Aug 26, 2008
North London

I am trying to source a 10W0v2 sub but am having real trouble finding a JL dealer that stocks it. It doesnt seem like it is a discontinued sub. A quick google only brings up Car Audio Direct, which iirc I was told not to touch with a barge pole. Any ideas where to source it for a good price and also where to buy the matching JL grille?

Your thinking of CAC
I see your sorted now anyway (y)

Well, sorted in the fact that i'll be buying from CAD...just got to juggle monies between the sub and the deadening group buy!!

Trying to source the proper JL grille for the sub too but failing miserably!

^^ He is looking for a grill not the sub, but im sure if he asks Mike@ CAD nice enough he may be able to source one.

Mehstg if you happen to find a 10" MTX grille on your travels then could you please let me know. I have started a new install :D
Ah sorry i am talking in riddles he has sorted the sub from CAD already i was just talking about the Grille. It just doesnt make that clear in this thread.
Haha, Stu has got it...was originally looking for somewhere to get the sub from. Got CAC and CAD arse about face and didnt want to buy it from CAD. Have been told they are good, so will buy sub from there.

Trying to source the matching JL grille to go with it!